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Welcome to Harmonicas and Stuff

Harmonica store offers Hohner,Suzuki ,Seydel and Lee Oskar harmonicas for sale. We provide a unique new shopping experience. We have a wide variety of harmonicas from which to choose from for the everyday harmonica aficionado to the casual harp player.


Seydel Harmonicas are our top selling harmonicas! They are the finest German made available. We offer blues set's & diatonic steel,standard,1847 classic seydel.

Lee Oskar  harps are considered among the best in the business, from the Major diatonic to the Natural Minor harmonica to the Harmonic Minor to the lee oskar Melody Maker.

Hohner Harmonicas Special 20  Golden Melody, Pro Harp, Baritone , Marine Band blues ,blues , Big River and the Marine Band Deluxe,blues harmonica store

Suzuki Harmonicas has a complete diatonic line to choose from, suzuki  Promaster Valved harp Promaster, Bluesmaster , Folkmaster Harpmaster, Overdrive harmonica.


                                                                     Harmonicas For Sale 

Harmonicas and Stuff has everything you need to get started making music. The most popular being the diatonic but some people play both the diatonic and the chromatic either way we have several to choose from and all the top brands. The harmonica is smaller enough to carry with you anywhere and they are also very affordable. If you a beginner we recommend that you try a diatonic in the key of C and then as you learn you call add other keys . Hohner is one of the top known brands but there are several other ones as well such as Lee Oskar, Sedyel and Suzuki.  No matter what kind of music you prefer jazz, blues, rock, country, r& b , etc, there is harp that will give you the sound you’re looking for.  Not only do we sell harmonicas and the accessories to go along with them such as holders, cases, reed plates and more we also offer a line of other musical instruments. If you are interested in other musical instruments just email us or call and we can meet your needs from guitars, drum sets, ukes, banjos, band instruments and more.