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    Jon's Jam Room, Rock N' Blues Harmonica Volume lll

    Jon's Jam Room, Rock N' Blues Harmonica Volume lll
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    Jon's Jam Room ROCK N' BLUES HARMONICA VOLUME lll "Jon's Jam Room' Information, Inspiration and Experience 73-minute CD lesson with 16 page booklet. Jon's MIDI band, Cross Harp Conspiracy, plays six backing tracks in major and minor keys, and each track is presented three times. The first time, Jon gives you a lesson over the track, showing you basic riffs and then getting more advanced. The second time Jon jams with the track. The third time, there is no harmonica, just you and the music. You be wailing! Each backing track is good, rich music, fun and easy to jam with. You'll learn new riffs, learn to jam with different kinds of musical styles and develop confidence and ability with every playing. The idea here is "information, inspiration, and experience. " The CD booklet is an extraordinarily useful little thing. The meticulous indexing gives you lots of ways to study the lessons and transfer your knowledge into the jams. Plus, every riff is notated.
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