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Shame on me! I hadn't touched a harmonica in over a year -- moving to a new house has a way of interfering with the fun stuff -- and I was spending all my spare time playing guitar. Then, not quite out of nowhere, came The Gig. I needed a whole lot of harps in a hurry (my friends play in every wacky key imaginable). Found my Green Bullet ..., dusted off my 1956 Champ ..., and ... still could not find my trusty old Tombo's. With no time for fooling around, I hit the internet, and started hunting. I found a few "legitimate-looking" websites selling harmonicas, but for some reason something told me to shop at Harmonicas and Stuff. I am glad I did! Not only did they have _everything_ I needed (this was a pretty big order), but I actually learned of a few new harps that I hadn't even known existed (like the awesome Honer XB-40s I bought). I was thrilled with the service, everything worked, my stuff was delivered in about three days' time, and who knows ... you might even find something "extra" in the package (well, I said I ordered a lot of stuff!). I always had the sense that I was dealing with "real" people who cared about their customers. The gig was great, I played my a** off, and even impressed some pretty well-known TV and studio cats who were in the band. So, a big tip of the 'ol Lee Oskar hat to Harmonicas and Stuff, for making me sound so good!
Billy H. in Connecticut

Chris & Helen,

I Just wanted to thank you guy's for taking care of me at the Heritage Blues Fest, Your selectin was great, and you gave me the opportunity to try the Hering brand Vintage 1923 harmonicas which I think feel and sound great. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you "a little farther down the line".

Nick Moss

Harmonicas and Stuff is hands down the fastest, friendliest, most personable service for Harmonica players anywhere. Lighting fast shipping, great prices, and no "charging your card for items out of stock" nonsense. I would deal with them any time!!!
Brantt "Hambone" Hamilton

I don't know about other folks but my life is full of run here and run there. So when you get time to sit and enjoy your pastime which for me is harmonicas, you don't have to go here and there or even accross town or up town or to town, I have a theory when you get the time to play you want to play not hunt or wait thanks to harmonicas and stuff you don't have to. They'll do it for you prompt shipping and excellence in pricing makes them the only choice for people who want to enjoy playing, quality merchandise and quality service and 2 of the nicest people you would ever want to know. makes this choice a no brainer!!!!Drew "Spider"

"The staff at Harmonicas and Stuff were extremely helpful, and incredibly fast with the turn around time between ordering and shipping the harps I wanted. I was never given the run around like at another website I will not name. I will definitely be using their services in the future, because I know they are reliable, as well as personable! Look at other harmonica websites and see if they have any testimonials that compare..."
"Cole in K.C."

HI Helen,
My second order arrived as quickly as the first. The Suzuki harmonicas play effortlessly and sound GREAT. I am a satisfied and confirmed customer intending to purchase more from you in the future.
Mike D. Haines
in NC

I was very delighted with the really good contact with Helen and Chris Bowser. They delivered at light speed and the madcat shaker microphone I bought for my husband was a real success! He is satisfied with the sound and recommends it highly.
Regards and all the best for you and your family.
Birgit Paul and Thomas Kruger


Thank you for the service and products that you provide. Finding a supplier for Harmonicas and associated goodies with your expertise is a wonderful treat. Customer service and caring about how people are treated often seem a thing of the past (It really seems to be the norm today). "Harmonicas and Stuff" is a refreshing change from that. You are knowledgeable of the products that you market and can answer pertinent questions promptly and correctly, especially email!
Thank you,
Brian H Kelsey

Harmonicas and Stuff not only has a friendly business name but people such as Helen are a pleasure to talk to. They know the Harmonica field. Being in a competitive business they are price conscious and endeavor to give the best discounts possible. I made comparisons and was most satisfied with the prices from Harmonicas and Stuff. My Suzuki was not in stock but H&S; quickly placed a "drop-ship order" and notified me immediately. The Suzuki arrived "post-haste".
Carry on........ Col. C. D. Kass (Ret.)

I was very pleased with my service from Harmonicas and Stuff, they answered all my questions about my Keyboard and I received even faster than I was promised! Keep up the Good Work!
Ron Denny

It was easy to order and I received my harp in a couple of days along with a cool complimentary t-shirt to boot!! Now in those brief moments when I'm not blowing, people still know I'm a harp player!

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of Harmonicas and Stuff Customers that are raving about your knowledgeable, courteous and prompt customer service. This was literally the best online buying experience that I have ever had! I will definitely be purchasing more from you in the future.
Most Sincerely,
Michael E. Boring

"Don't be afraid! Buy your 'Harmonicas and Stuff' here. Helen you're a dream to work with. After waiting months (yes months) for an order to get through from another harmonica internet store and getting the same old retorical BS 'our products are soooooo hot that we can't keep up with the orders' run around, I decided to give 'Harmonicas and Stuff' the opportunity to help me. Not only did they have the same products, but they were in stock, better priced and delivered within days the order was placed. Helen, you now have a loyal customer. I'll be back!"
Bob "The Harpman" Michaels

Helen from Harmonicas and Stuff is great. After being given the run around by a well known harmonica company and not getting any where for months, I tried Harmonicas and Stuff. Helen was honest and eager to please. My harmonicas got to me on record time, now I can play them instead of wating for them to arrive ... Helen is always willing to go the extra mile for the customer. Keep up the good work.
Tony Bidonde

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your promp service on my recent harmonica order. I needed a harp in a hurry and you came through with the F Chromatic I needed. Your prompt and friendly service has made me a believer in your company and I expect to be doing some more business this year.
Thanks again.
Donald Keutzer, franklin, IN

Extremely quick delivery, very impressive! Wonderful
to do business with.
Dongzhe Guo

Hi all,
I just wanted to add my praise for "Harmonicasandstuff". You get to deal with great people who supply you with great products and service at good prices.
Thanks Chris,

I was looking for a unique present for my brother, who always loved harmonicas, when I saw an article in the Indianapolis Star on the company "Harmonicas and Stuff" so I contacted them. I had a lot of questions and they answered all of them and I ordered a harmonica and book at a very sensible price! And I had my stuff the very next day! Great customer service and advice! Keep up the Good work! Thanks so much!
Barbara Bean

I recently learned from Chris Bauer about a new harmonica outlet called Harmonicas and Stuff. I tried them out by ordering a Meisterklasse harmonica. To my surprise, they had it for me within three days! What great service! You can't go wrong with Harmonicas and Stuff -- give them a try the next time you want a new harmonica. You won't be sorry.
Jim Lohman

"Thanks for the FREE t-shirt Helen-it was an unexpected surprise. I appreciate the quick response to my order and your willingness to work with me on my return. Looking forward to dealing with you again in the near future."
Steve Diveley

My Bb XB-40 just came in today. WOW. Now I'm really impressed. I can wail like there's no tomorrow on this thing. It's just incredible.
BIG THANKS to for the fast shipping, great price, wonderful contact, and just a great buying experience. If you're looking for a harmonica, you simply cant find a better place.
- Bobby

Just wanted to thank you again! You guys have the
best and QUICKEST service I've expierienced.
You guys knock me out. "REALLY"
Yo Pal

Helen, thanks again for dealing so quickly and efficiently with my enquiries. My harmonica arrived today just four days after completing my order with you. I will most certainly use harmonicas and for any future needs as your pricing and customer care are second to none.
John Collins,
from UK

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to say that I've received my latest harp and it never ceases to amazed me how quick stuff gets here, from the US to Ireland in three days, great service. I usually expect a wait of two to three weeks when I order stuff online.
Thanks again,

I just received shipment of the Suzuki Harp. Wow! What great service. I've ordered a number of harmonicas online
and this has to be the fastest response, ever. Thanks, I'll be ordering from you guys from now on. 
Bill Puryear

It is an unfortunate experience to be in dire need of something in a hurry, and it is even more unfortunate having to rely on third parties to get these somethings delivered on time. It is threfore very fortunate that there are reliable e-commerce companies on the Internet that do what they can to satisfy their customers' need. Of the two mentioned categories: 'Reliable e-commerce companies' and 'Satisfied Customers', I belong to the latter. And as far as I'm concerned, Harmonicas and Stuff belong to the former.

I thought the task of getting a Hohner Blues Blaster Microphone delivered to Edinburgh, Scotland within 4 days was too challanging for any and all of the suppliers I contacted, but after having had my first transaction with Helen and Chris, the Blues Blaster had arrived in Scotland on the third day of waiting. And even though the parcel company had problems delivering it on time for my gig on the Saturday, I had, after numerous phonecalls, the ordered item in my hand. After gripping the first harp I could lay my hands on I discovered not only that the microphone had been delivered on time, it also worked like a charm. And when Saturday night had come to an end I had, with the help of Hohner, Lee Oscar, Helen and Chris, had my first flawless harp solo and my first ovation. I take my hat off (literally) and commend Harmonicas and Stuff on a service out of the ordinary. It will be a pleasure doing business with them in the future.

/// H.D Westerburgh

Harmonicas and Stuff is Prompt, No Waiting, Reliable! Doing Business with you is Really Good!
Harold Haynes

I have been involved with harps for about 6 years now, I play solo harmonica and I play in every key, I don't play chromatic, because of the size and windsaves. So I am committed to the diatonic, thsi being the case it requies me to tune 12 harps, so I can play solo in every key. The biggest problem in this, is in the past when I ordered harps or reeds the time frame it took to get my stuff. I have had problems with just about all companys that sell harps through the mail. I want to say how surprised I am with Harmonicas and Suff. I have direct contact with a live person that orders what I want correctly, and sends my stuff the same day, and if there is a problem they let me know, so I don't have to check the mail box looking for something that has not been shipped! It is a pleasure doing business with Harmonicas and Stuff!
Jerry Mendelson

Helen ...Thankyou for your polite and effieient service..I received my harmonica yesterday...very pleased with your service ..and the Tshirt is great!

Richard Sacks
From the UK

I am very pleased with my Concertina. It was a terrific price, believe me I researched prices thoroughly, and found yours to be the absolute best. Also, I ordered it on a Monday and by Wednesday it was at my doorstep! That was the fastest I had ever received anything by mail. Thanks  Michele

Dear Helen & Chris:

Thx for the good deals on harps, parts, and accessories. I especially appreciate your quick attention when processing my orders. I was amazed at the hasty arrival time, especially when I expressed a time sensitive need.
Great work, Great deals, Quick! Feel free to quote my experience as a reference for others, they too should be satisified. Keep up the good work, and prices!

"Knowledgable customer service with a personal touch, and the FASTEST delivery I have ever experienced."
Denise Preston

"I was very pleased with the service I received from Harmonicas and Stuff. The web site was easy to navigate and had the kind of detailed information I needed to make a purchase. The harmonicas I bought were packed well and arrived within a couple of days. The selection and service at Harmonicas and Stuff made it a very pleasant shopping experience. I highly recommend Harmonicas and Stuff."
Paul Stockford

"Harmonicas and Stuff is The Best Service and Quality I've delt with in all my Playing Career..HATS OFF to Helen and Chris"
Leroy "BLUESDOG" Falconi
Quaker Hill, CT. USA

I have ordered replacement reed plates for my Hohner harps from H&S.; Helen & Chris are easy to talk to and deal with. The product was sent out right away and arrived promptly. I didn't miss a note!
Cheers to the blues!
Nigel Mack

Hi Friends, I've never gotten an order as fast as a "speeding bullet" before! I will be doing all my business with you. I also plan on telling my harp buddies how impressed I am!

Hurricane Bob  Vernon, CT

Fast delievery, friendly service and cheaper than average prices always deserves to be acknowledged. I turned to your business after waiting more than 3 weeks for common harp from a competeter. I was very happily surprised when the harmonica I ordered from you arrived in only 2 days with a complimentery gift, I've had some friends comment on it. That's why I'm placing another order for myself and a birthday surprise for a friend, he totally loved the mini-harmonica. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work. Harp forever.
Dave Kurtz

My compliments on your service. All the items arrivd, well packed and correct, within 6 days from half way around the world. That is better thatn I get from my local store, or mail-order in the UK. Your range and stocked items beat them hands down. Not only are Harmonica items difficult to get hold in England, the
prices are way higher than yours. The blues blaster mic has been used a few times and is loosening up nicely. It really turns heads at the local Pubs and Clubs I play at in Liverpool. Next time we play the Cavern, it will be there!!  The Lee Oskar special tunings are keeping me busy too. I carry out audit programmes under ISO 9000 (Quality) for small firms, including a courier firm. I am pretty up front about things if I am not happy with them. I try to make a point of being up front if I am pleased with something. I would give you straight "A"s for your service and personal touch. I was kind of expecting a couple of hiccups, but the only thing that happened was that my English address was a problem for you web-site ordering system. The important thing was that you sorted that out by return of e-mail. In my book, THAT is a sign of a well run organzation.
Regards, Will LLOYD

Chris and Helen at are fast, reliable, knowledgable and genuinely friendly. They're a pleasure to do business with!
                          -----Jerry Portnoy

Key elements in any business are product knowledge, service and price. Harmonicas and Stuff delivers on all three. Keep up the good work!
     Jeff Allinson, Vienna VA

Hi Chris,

Much thanks for the way you treated me during our first transaction together. You made me feel as if we have done business together for years. Very fast responses to all my emails, questions, and very fast shipping. The best prices too!
I am in my own business so it's a real pleasure to experience someone who understands business is not just about professionalism and profit but for the long run it's about relationships.
They say timming is everything so as it turns out this whole experience just happened to make this a a very happy birthday for me as well.
Thank you very much!

Warm regards,
Brad Ellis Berk
a.k.a. FAT City

I just received your shipment. It was all just as promised and well packaged, so finally I have my Fender case. I am very satisfied about the way you handled the shipping cost, so I didn't have to pay the high price. Thanks again, and I will be in contact soon for some more deals.

Thanks for the Hering 1923. I received it today...It came very fast. What a harmonica!  Its beats a Marine Band out of the box like crazy. I think I may have to order more soon!  What a great product !!!!

Mike Law

It truly has been a pleasure doing business with you! I received my Hering 6164 today. Great price and excellent service. Yours will be the first company I turn to for my future harmonica needs. Many thanks for your being there!
Kind regards,
Steamin' Stan Ruffo

I've received my harmonica and I am delighted! You run a tight show! Keep up the good work!

Cordially yours,

Jacob Wesolowski

Chris and Helen,

I picked up my Fender Chicago Tool Box this morning. Wow, I'm like a kid with a new toy! The Box is everything I've always dreamed of for keeping and carrying my harmonicas.

I'd especially like to thank you for your great service. The shipping was super fast. The price beat anything else I could find. And the service was personable-the way too few buying experiences are nowadays.

And, I LOVE MY NEW TOOL BOX!! Would it be silly of me to just walk around town showing this thing off....

Thanks again,

Ian Young

I wanted to let you know what one of my guys from our band feels about you guys, the site and his harmonicas he got from you.

Brian Alan White, Shiloh, absolutely loves the two Lee Oskar Harmonicas he got from Harmonicas and Stuff. He received them immediately and loves your site. Thanks for helping make Shiloh's shows great.


My Hohner Trumpet Call (not available in UK) arrived very soon after ordering, super service, great friendly communication and a pleasure to deal with!
Many thanks.
Brian Senior, Leeds. United Kingdom

Few minutes  ago I received the harmonicas' package. Everything is exactly what I asked for, amazing fast deliverly, great joy. Thank you for your excellent service and your perseverance to win the stupid bug of the credit cards company with my address. Thanks again, until next time.


Just wanted to say thanks for the case and harmonicas you sent me last week, not only were they far less expensive than they are in England, but I received them within three days! I will definately be using you guys again in the near future, thanks again for your great service.

Rob Oween
East Grinstead

I would like to express my gratitude to Harmonicas and Stuff for the excellent service. I just ordered my Toots Mellow Tone last Friday and I was very pleased with the overall transaction and the price. What really got me is, when I came home last night  (Monday) from work my harmonica was already waiting for me in my mail box. I will be definitely considering your store in the future for myself and for everyone I know!

Thank you,
Arsen Mkrtchyan

I do not remember the persons name that I spoke to about three days ago but I do know she was very courteous and very nice. I received the harmonica I ordered in three days and to my surprise you sent me one in the GM key, and by the way it sounds perfect! I could go on and on not to take up to much of your time writing, instead I will show my appreciation by ordering more stuff from you in the near future, and you can bet I will tell everyone I run into about your store.
Again "thank you all"
and to future orderings.

Frank Hahn

I have loved all of the harmonicas I have gotten from you this summer. The Hohner Super 64X in C is an absolute gem. It has become my overall favorite. The action is smooth and its solid, heavy feel is a delight. the CX12's in all keys have been quite an adventure. I especially appreciate the fine service you have given me. My Super 64X came almost immediately after I ordered. The much more complicated matter of acquiring CX 12's in all keys, of course, took a bit longer but that was expected. Actually, I was impressed by how promptly you got the order completed. And thank-you for your low price.

I have been satisfied completely by my experience with Harmonicas and Stuff.
Thanks for all the attention.


Michael Trueblood MD

"Helen and Chris:
I have no words to say Thanks...for me is to hard buy on Internet because my english is not good (i speak in spanish), anyways, you guys help me all time to get my orders and the last one was pretty fast. Thanks again and i m sure if i need more harmonicas i'll buy to you.
Erwin from Chile"

Erwin Iost

Wow, I'm 2024 miles away form you guys and my harps were waiting for me in just under 48 hours. I'm the maker of the Almighty Harp Mic (the A1) which is the loudest harp mic on earth and when I need parts to finish a custom mic for a customer I want those parts fast and that's what you guys did you got me my harps fast!! When I was told, "Shipping Today" that's exactly what happened. Maybe you folks should teach corporate classes on customer service, you'd get rich!

I'll be a repeat customer!
Steve Warner, The Highway Harper

Thank you, my order is arrived very fast and is ok. Very good.
Ciao Oliviero from Domodossola-Italy

I've bought harps from your competitors, but I won't be doing that anymore. Your shipping is prompt, and you keep me informed by email of the progress of my order. The one time I ordered a harp that you didn't have in stock, it only took you a day to get it. You guys are the greatest! Your customer service beats other harmonica sellers hands down!

Brian Sealy, Durham, NC

I wish to thank you for putting together such a smooth and seamless harmonica purchase. The Suzuki SCH 48 arrived yesterday, only 5 days from our first conversation. Your price was quite a bit less than the next lowest on-line harmonica store, and your service was supreme! The instrument is all it is advertised to be, and much lighter than the Hohner 267 I have been using. At this point I do not intend to abandon the use of Hohner harmonicas, and my 'instrument of choice' is the Hohner 263, which I went to great expense to modify with a Delrin comb, and extend to the throat range of a clarinet. It is my hope that Hohner will at some point join the other major companies and get inot the 21st century with their choice of materials. Again, many thanks,
C. Richard Fox

Received my new Hohner Super 64, 2 days after ordering it. Super service-Thank you.
It looks, feels, and sounds like a dream. What a great instrument!
I just though that you would like to know this info but most of all how very pleased I am with not only my Hohner Super 64, but your willingness to listen as I explained some of the past problems I have had with Chromatics. I will continue to shop with you for all my harmonica needs and recommend your site to all my harmonica-playing buddies.

Yours truly,
Bob Mondziel

Very please to deal with you.
The delivery was super fast, the harmonicas were brilliant and superb.
"Je suis enchante", or in portuguese, "eu estou encantado" !.
I will come back some day.
Antonio, Lisbon, Portugal

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