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Hohner Morino IV 120 Accordion

Hohner Morino IV 120 Accordion
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Hohner Morino IV 120 Accordion Since the 1930's when Venancio Morino managed Hohner's accordion manufacturing, the Morino model has been world-renowed as the best piano accordion on the market. This model features H II reed plates (for fine dynamic nuances for tutti as well as single voice playing) wood casing and wood keys for a natural and comfortable fee. Sold with aluminum framed plastic case. Treble : 41 keys, range (F) f-a'''(a''''), four sets of reeds, 13 registers with 2 repeats, Tuning: Double Octave with Tremolo, Bass: 120 buttons with 7 registers, Color: Black Weight: 25.5 lbs
Price: $ 9395.00

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