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Testimonials 2
I just received your shipment. It was all just as promised and well packaged, so finally I have my Fender case. I am very satisfied about the way you handled the shipping cost, so I didn't have to pay the higher price. Thanks again, and I will be in contact soon for some more deals.

Ben   (Netherlands)

Thanks for the Hering 1923. I received it today....It came very fast. What a harmonica! Its beats a Marine Band out of the box like crazy. I think I may have to order more soon! What a great product.

Mike Boguslawski
Kaman Music

Just wanted to say thanks for the case and harmonicas your sent me last week, not only were they far less expensive than they are in England, but I received them within three days! I will definately be using you guys again in the near future, thanks again for your great sevice.

Rob Owen
East Grinstead

Thank you for your prompt service! My new Mississippi Sax case just arrived. I can't believe I got it so fast, (3days) and it was the best price on the web! I will recommend your site to everyone. Did you know that the BLues had a baby, And they named it ROCK & ROLL!!!!

Billy Blues Man Voss

Well my pocket is about $300.00 dollars lighter, but I have to say I am very happy to have gotten a total of 6 Suzuki Promasters MR350 V harps in the past few weeks. I'll spend the next $300.00 at the same place when it comes time to. Hadn't played in some time, but these beauties are a pleasure, practicing all the time now. Your folks on the tele were a pleasure to work with. I even called late one Sunday night and left a message to send me 2 harps, they were in my hot little hand two days later!

Fernandian Beach, FL

I received my Harmonicas on Wednesday, very quick! You run a great service. Thanks for all your help, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Hello Helen

Very Pleased to deal with you. The delivery was super fast, the harmonicas were brilliant and superb. "Je suis enchante", or in portuguese, "eu estou encantado" !  I will come back some day.

Antonio, Lisbon, Portugal

tank you, my order is arrived very fast and is ok. very good. ciao oliviero form Domodossola- italy

Harmonicas and Stuff sets the standard for great customer service. Helen and Chris are friendly, knowledgeable people. If they have the instruments or accessories you're looking for, they ship it out almost immediately, If they don't have the materials you want, they find them for you. Why would you want to shop anywhere else?

R. Scanza
Ithaca, NY

The shipment arrived on Monday.
Amazingly fast delivery from moment of purchase.
Everything is wonderful!! I can't wait to get started on the instruments when I return home next week. I will dutifully pass on the business cards which you included. I KNOW that we'll be doing more business again in the future.

Thanks again!
Rik Kaplan

Thanks for the quick service and great price on my Guitar Case.  It arrived in good shape and on time just as you said it would.  I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for music supplies and am looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future. 

Helen  & Chris,
Thank   you  for  the Echo harmonica,i received it today
just six  days, thats very good  timeing, i will  keep in touch
Thanks again Peter,

Harps from Afar -

For those blues harp players out there this has to be encouraging. How often have you trailed round the musical instrument shops in this part of the world and found that the selection of harps available is pretty limited. Now if you want that Lee Oskar Natural Em well you might be able to order it… but many shops actually don’t know harmonicas the way they know guitars and drums. So here are a couple of places that you can order from on line (and to be fair I am sure there are more!). They are experts and they deliver to you.

Friday night a week or so ago I ordered a Shure harmonica microphone from a company in the US called Harmonicas and Stuff. They are from Morristown, Indiana. When I asked Chris and Helen Bowser of H&S; they weren’t too sure how long the delivery would take. I was most pleasantly surprised to receive the mike on the following Thursday. Now that’s a flying delivery!  Their catalog is great.

Mike Freeman
 “The Groove – the monthly magazine of the Blues Association of South East Queensland, Australia”.

My brand new Hohner Bravo 120 Accordion arrived today.
While the other companies on the web promised results,
Harmonicasandstuff delivered on this difficult to find "in stock" item.
Talking with you on the phone was also fun & helpful..
I will be back for a new chromatic hohner harmonica around December.
Send me any promotional's that you run or keep in contact..
Best Wishes;

I received my harmonicas today, along with the Bass Attacks DVD.  I love fishing and I learned alot about Bass fish, it was awesome and well done. And it had an extra special treat at the end that I was not excepting, that Harmonica playing was great!

Joe Simmons

Thank you for your fast service.
My order arrived on time just like you promised. Everything was in order.
I asked Helen a lot of questions (prior to making my purchase) she was very patient. You took all of my calls and when you said "we will call you back."  You did.
     There is nothing like good old fashion service.

Hey Helen
I just wanted to get back to you. Thanks for getting
my order to me so fast. I had my first gig with a
local band Saturday night and I needed the hardware.
That Suzuki Pro master with the valves is something
else. I used it on a cover of the Doobie Brother's
Long Train Running and it sounded so cool. The crowd
loved it. Thanks again.

"Not only was my XB40 cheaper than if bought in the UK, it got here quicker (ordered Tuesday night, arrived Saturday) than waiting for the weekend to visit a specialist music shop. It was packed beautifully, too. Couldn't recommend H&S; higher."

Justin Ward

Thank You for the fast and great service.  We received the Harmonica.  It was a great pleasure doing business with you.  Especially the fact that you use the USPS service which saves us lots in shipping.  If you have a place where we can rate this transaction do let us know, we would be happy to give it an A+ rating.
Les & Sandra Owen

Shipment was prompt, complete, and in good condition. Thanks for overseas

Curtis Stefferud, M.S., P.M.P.   Germany
Agentur für Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG

Chris and Helen:  Man what great service - I received my harmonica order on Saturday.  You guys still have the quickest shipping around (and good prices).  I sure hope business is going well for you because with this attention to quickly filling orders you deserve to succeed.
All my best.

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service.  I'm impressed with the
Suzuki products and H & S.com's quick turnaround on my order...Mark

Got the harps.  You guys are great!  I'll keep using you and recommend
you to my harp playing friends.

Ken Strauther

  The lengthy story behind this instrument is as follows. My father is a retired Professor from Fordham University in New York.  A long time ago, when he was going for his baccalaureate degree at the University of Heidlberg in Germany, he learned to play the harmonica very well.
About two months ago, he asked me to order the Hohner 263 through a local music store since they offered discounts to me for sending my daughter there for her piano lessons.  The store placed the purchase order with their distributor and the instrument was sent.  The store received the piece, but did not recognize it as a special order and sent it back to the distributor.  No followup was made by the store until I checked with them two weeks after placing the order.  They informed me of the mixup and reordered the instrument.  No further followup was made by the store until I checked with them two weeks after they reordered the instrument.  At that time, I was informed that the distributor had resold the instrument and it was the last one on their shelves.  The distributor was awaiting a new shipment from Germany and it would take about another three weeks.  At that time, a whole month had already went by, I was never informed of my order status, and it looked like another three weeks before the instrument would show up.  Therefore, I cancelled my order with the local store and ordered from Harmonicas and Stuff. 
Needless to say how surprised we were when we conveniently received three notifications of our order status via email through order acknowledgements, receipts and invoices.  We were delighted to receive the instrument in less than a week after placing the order, because of your ability to drop ship from your distributor.  Furthermore, the price, even with the shipping cost, was 10% lower than through the local music store after their discounts. 
A few nights a week, my father now plays his orchestral harmonica for his four grandchildren.  Thanks again!
Best regards,
Tom Oei

Just wanted to say Thank you very much for the order I received last week. It arrived much earlier than I anticipated.
I also appreciate you making sure the items I ordered were available before I placed the order.
I will most definitely refrain from ordering harmonicas and stuff from other companies.
 - Billy Garza
Dripping Springs, Texas

Got the harps. Thanks for getting them to me so fast. I'll always get my harps from you guys from now on.
Charles Oppman

Thank you for your promptness in sending that instrument. I play in the Church band every week and having good instrument is important to me! Fred M. Jahn

THANK YOU  so much for this order and your speedy service....!
really nice....
the suzuki harp plays like a dream.....
great stuff.!
thanks again

This is my first time purchasing from Harmonicas & Stuff.  I am very pleased with the exceptionally fast shipment of my harmonicas and the courteous friendly correspondence by telephone.  I plan other purchases shortly and also have recommended you to my brother who is a professional harmonica player.  Thanks again.

Ronald K. Rayfield
Kings Mountain, NC

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